Flex and Fridays

Please find below the protocols for Flex Time and Fridays in the Lab:
Flex Protocol:

Information about the MyWeeklyPlanner site can be found here: FLEX PLANNING INFORMATION GUIDE

Please be advised that there is a sign-up sheet for Flex Time this year. The sign up sheet will be available outside the lab, no later than the morning of, and will contain a limited number of spots. 

Please also be advised that admittance to Flex in the Lab can only occur on the day you have a class with me. This means you will actually have to plan out your Flex Time schedule.

My Promise to You: I will not do tutorials or assign new work on a Friday this year.

The reason for this is simple; having class on Friday means that your next computers class will be 3-4 days away. That’s a long time between classes, especially when you are learning something new.

FACT: What you do on Friday is up to you.*

*Your main priority, at all times, is to ensure that your assigned work is properly and thoroughly completed, and handed in, to the best of your abilities.

Taking a page from Google, Fridays will be an opportunity for you explore, enhance and create using the lab space. Ideas on how to use these sessions include:

  • Finishing course work from the week
  • Researching and working on projects for other classes (need to do a Powerpoint for Socials?)
  • Trying out your own ideas inspired by the course content
  • Collaborating/Sharing your work and knowledge with peers
  • Getting feedback from the teacher and your classmates
  • Refining your course work before handing it in

Believe or not this model of work balance generated such ideas as Post-It Notes, Gmail, and 50% of Google’s innovation development in 2009.

FACT: Friday and Flex IS NOT a time to play games or watch videos.

A LOT of people have been using Fridays and Flex Time to abuse their opportunity in the computer lab. If you are taking a computers course, you are one of approximately 250, or so, lucky students who get use this space regularly.

Please do not use either Flex Time or Friday to regularly play games, watch videos, or engage in other time wasting activities. I have very little sympathy for those who do so when it comes to Term and Year End marking.