Flex Info

Please find below the protocols for Flex Time in the Lab:
Flex Protocol:

Information about the MyWeeklyPlanner site can be found here: FLEX PLANNING INFORMATION GUIDE

Please also be advised that admittance to Flex in the Lab can only occur on the day you have a class with me. This means you will actually have to plan out your Flex Time schedule.

FACT: Flex IS NOT a time to play games or watch videos.

A LOT of people have been using Flex Time to abuse their opportunity in the computer lab. If you are taking a computers course, you are one of approximately 200, or so, lucky students who get use this space regularly.

Please do not use either Flex Time to regularly play games, watch videos, or engage in other time wasting activities. I have very little sympathy for those who do so when it comes to Term and Year End marking.


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