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Classroom Rules

“By all means, do not use a hammer.” – IBM Manual, 1925

1. No food or drink in the labs.
Especially at a computer station.

2. Please be respectful of the space.
This includes all devices, structures, surfaces, time, and people.

3. Let me know if anything is worn out, not working properly, or broken.
I can get it taken care of sooner and without having something out of order or missing for an extended period of time.
4. Patience and Positivity.
Remember, these are elective courses (you chose to be here). Sometimes things don’t work or happen the way you wanted to at a specific moment – that’s OK. 

– MG

Odds and Ends

Mr. Goldsack is a fan of wet coffee and dry humour.

Contact: mgoldsack@sd35.bc.ca