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Welcome to Computer Stuff at Brookswood Secondary.

End of Term 2 is February 21, 2020.
Progress Reports will be distributed the week of January 20th.
Any Term 1 work that is submitted after Nov27th will be designated as I-Work and will be eligible for marks up to 50%.
Please take a moment to read over the expectations in this classroom:

1. Respect the space. The computer labs are shared areas with shared equipment. Messing around with things like the cords, keyboards, mice, plugs, etc. causes a lot of unneeded strain on the hardware that will lead to damage beyond repair. If you see something that’s worn or not working properly, let me know.

2. No food or drink on or near the equipment.  Aside from the obvious potential hazards or damage this can cause, consider how many people use one of these computers in a day or week. Now think about all the germs that are all over that keyboard and desk. Now think about all germs that are now on your hands, touching your food that’s going into you mouth. Gross.

3. You are responsible for you own work. This includes completing your own work (with own brain), asking questions if you are unclear about something, and making sure that you hand in things when they are supposed to be handed in. All class work can be submitted via email, AirDrop, or USB.

4. Respect yourself. Use your time in the lab wisely and responsibly. There’s no need to use your phone or iPad…you literally have a computer in front of you. If you want to listen music during work time, bring some earbuds. Don’t be that person who spends every minute in the lab playing games. Not only do you look silly, but you effectively waste all your work time; and honestly, I have no sympathy for someone who does this and hands in late or poorly done work.

5. Respect others in the room. Please leave any foul language, inappropriate content, garbage attitude or hostility away from the lab spaces. You signed up for this elective. Seriously, use some common sense.

6. Don’t be afraid to listen and ask questions.

Hope these expectations make sense; if not, let me know.


Odds and Ends

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