Thanks for checking out my site!

I’ve been working as a Computer Sciences teacher for over 6 years, and have been lucky to have had a number of great mentors along the way.

I have also spent many hours researching, compiling, reviewing, reconfiguring, and reformatting many of the assignments you will find on my site. This is an ongoing process and I enjoy the challenge of evolving my work from year to year.

With that said, if you like or wish to use any material from this site please edit the documentation to fit your style, or provide credit to the original source.
I try my best to provide the same professional courtesy.

I also have extra resources (stuff that doesn’t make the website) for most of the items you will find here, so feel free to drop me a message (


Odds and Ends

Mr. Goldsack is a fan of wet coffee and dry humour.


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