This space contains extra resources that all students, in any course may find helpful in their work, within Computer Sciences.
  • Using your FVRL Card to access Lynda.com -> FVRLPerk
  • Excel for Beginners Youtube -> Mac Version
  • Excel for Beginners Youtube Series -> PC Version
  • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners Project (contains project files, video and written tutorials) -> Full Guide


Programming Materials
  • Codecademy is providing free Pro accounts for students (use your school email; there is a link to a verification form at the bottom of the page) for the next 3 months. This is a great (free) tool to learn and practice a variety of languages.
  • SoloLearn is a free learning space that offers tutorials for all levels of learners. Many students I have taught have used this site, and said positive reviews about it.
  • Scratch is a block-code building site that allows learns to learn/apply/build the foundational skills of programming. There are lots tutorials and shared-user projects to pull from.
  • For Mac users, Xcode and Swift are good options to check out. Code with Chris is a good start for video based tutorials, and he even provides resources for his builds. If your Mac desktop is running Catalina as it’s OS, checkout Playgrounds.
  • For iPad users, check out Swift Playgrounds. This is a great space to build programming skills and learn Swift at the same time.
  • If you’re feeling a bit more adventuresome, the LearnProgramming subreddit is also a good space to see what others are doing, get advice, and even find new resources. As well, checking out Youtube for tutorial videos is also a great idea…Programming with Mosh, Giraffe Academy, freeCodeCamp.org are some great starting points, too.


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