Spacing & Balance

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May 2, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Spacing. Balance.
Our final composition topic.

So far we have covered ideas that can be used as focal points, complementary elements, and even physical methods for developing pictures.

But how do all of these work together? How can we develop the best possible photo?

This is where spacing and balance come in. These two ideas allow us to think, plan, and capture scenes while incorporating different composition elements. They allow us to create photos that feel calm and even or scenes of chaos and high energy.

Let’s take a look at some quick notes on the subject of spacing & balance: BalanceSpace

Here are examples of Space and Balance at work: ExamplesSpace

The Assignment

Check out the full details here: 8aSpacingAssignment

The goal here is think/plan/take the best possible photos – don’t be afraid to go out and try different ideas to see what turns out 🙂

Don’t forget to complete the Self-Assessment: 8bCriteriaSpacingAssignment

Due May 8


The Rule of Space – Composition (Article)

Using the Rule of Space (Article)

How to: The Rule of Space (Article)

Positive and Negative Space in Photography (Video)

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