Portfolio Work – Choose Your Own Adventure

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April 27, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Here it is – the last Portfolio Item for Yearbook!

For this project you get two options. Take a look below and see what speaks to you.

Due June 12-16

OPTION 1 – Critical Review

In this project, your will choose a yearbook from our archives and using your knowledge, skills, and expertise review and critique the final product.

The Catch: You cannot be in or have worked on the book you choose.

Check out the full details here: CriticalReviewBrief1

Here’s a further breakdown and brief examples of the process: CriticalReviewIdeas

OPTION 2 – 2023/2024 Concept Design

In this project, you will apply your knowledge and ideas to help next year’s group determination the style/design of the yearbook.

The Catch: Next year is 50 years since the first full school year at Brookswood.

Check out the full details here: ConceptBrief

Here are some extra resources/explanations that go into the design of a yearbook:
Book Covers – covers
Layouts – layouts
Tag Lines – Slogans
Themes – Theme_Ideas_20

Style Board from 2018-2019 Book

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