Leading Lines

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April 24, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Next up – Leading Lines.

Leading lines a great way to direct your audiences’ view to a specific spot/area of your photograph. This is can be a very powerful composition technique because you can either be obvious or subtle in your use of it.
At the same time, Leading Lines can be one of the more difficult concepts to understand, and visualize, for practicing photographers.

Here are some quick notes about Leading Lines and how they can be used in your work: LeadingLinesNotes

The Assignment 

Check out the full details here: 6aLineItUp

Complete the Self-Assessment: 6bCriteriaLineItUp

Due April 28


Defining Leading Lines with Examples (Article)

What are Leading Lines? (Article)

How to Use Leading Lines (Article)

How to Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Photography (Video)

How to Compose Photos with Leading Lines (Video)

What are Good Leading Lines in Photography? (Video) 

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