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April 19, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Another common composition idea is symmetry. This when a photo has similar or equal proportions across the entire image.

Symmetry is great concept to work with because it can the focal point or a complementary aspect of a photo’s composition.

Symmetry can be found EVERYWHERE…you just need to be aware of what is around you. Some really common ideas are close-up photography of plants, reflections in mirrors or water, and architecture.

Check out these notes about composition topic: SymmetryNotes

The Assignment

Check out the full details here: 4aMirroringAssignment

Self Assessment Form here: 4bCriteriaMirroring

Due April 24

Practice Files:PS_Practice1



Symmetry in Photography Tips (Article)

Symmetry Photography (Video)

Symmetry Photography Examples (Article)

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