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April 19, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Listed below are the various notes, practice questions, projects, etc. relating to our work with Python. Please remember to check this spaces for updates.

Python 1 – Math Stuff (Posted April 20)

Notes File – Py1Notes

Practice Exercises – Py1_Exercises

Due April 20  – (/10)

Resource Documentation – IYOCGWP_Ch1

Python 2 – Strings and Things (Posted April 20)

Notes File (Please Complete): Py2_Strings_Jokes

Exercises (/5) & Project (/10):

Due April 25


Resource Documentation: IYOCGWP_Ch2

Python 3 – Guess the Number Build (Posted April 24)

Program Idea & Flow Chart: GuessFlowChart

Modules & Comparison Operators Notes: Modules_Comparisons
Exercises: BooleanExercises
/5 – Assignments

For Loops Notes: LoopNotes
For Loops Exercises: ForLoopExercises
/5 – Assignments

If Statement Notes: If Statement Notes
If Statements Exercises: If_ElseExercises
/5 – Assignments

Guess The Number Build: GuessTheNumber
/15 – Projects

Notes Sections, Exercises, Build – Due May 3

Resource Documentation: IYOCGWP_Ch3

Python 4 – Text-Based, Choose Your Adventure (Posted May 2)

Ideas & Flow Chart: TextBasedAdventure

Functions Notes: FunctionNotes
Functions Exercises: FunctionExercises
/5 – Assignments

While Loop Notes: WhileLoopsNotes
While Loop Exercises: WhileLoopExercises
/5 – Assignments

Odds & Ends Notes: Py4OddsEnds
/5 – Assignments

Game Build Follow Along: DragonRealmBuild
Game Criteria (MUST READ): TextBasedMUST_READ
/20 – Projects

All items for Python 4 due May 10

Resource Documentation: IYOGWP_CH5

Python 5 – Hangman (Posted May 23)

Breakdown & Flow Chart Fill-In: HangmanBreakdown
/15 – Assignments – Due May 25

Notes – Make sure to do these as parts from the game will be included.
Part 1: Py5_1 ASCII Art
Part 2: Py5 Lists and Methods1
Part 3: Py5MoreFunctions2
Part 4: Py5 FunctionsMethods3

Assignment: Complete and Submit the Base Hangman Build from class.
(See documentation below for full program and breakdown – HangmanBaseLive)
/15 – Due June 2

Project: Review Extending Hangman Ch9 (see documentation below). Create a copy of your Base Hangman Build with new additions and ideas of your choosing. Revamped_Ideas
/25 – Due June 7

Resource Documentation:
Flow Charts – Hangman_FlowCharts_Ch7
Hangman Base Build & Breakdown – IYOCGWP_Ch8
Extending Hangman – ExtendingHangman_Ch9

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