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April 13, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Welcome to Python! 

This post is intended to be a hub for resources and extras that you may need or be interested in during our Python Unit.


Q: How do I write my code?
A: For the work we will be doing in class, we will be using the Python’s built-in IDLE application. You can find this by going to Applications -> Python -> IDLE

Q: How do I hand in my files?
A: You will need to create a folder in OneDrive and store/save ALL your Python files there. This way you can easily share them to me by email. 

Q: Where will we be able to find our notes/assignments/projects?
A: All topics will be posted on the website in individual posts (similar to our Scratch Unit).


Python is a free, open-sourced language with millions of users. You can all kinds of stuff from the official website:

If you are in a pinch and need to write your code using an online IDE, is a great space. It even allows you save/download files of you work.

Looking for some quick reference stuff? W3Schools has you covered.

Reading long pages of text not your thing? Check out this playlist (Mike Dane Python Basics) and this video (Python for Everybody – University of Michigan) for more video based  learning.

Looking for some ideas for programs? Check out this: Practice Python

Lastly, if you want to do some more hands on learning, check out Automate the Boring Stuff (eBook) (Videos), it’s for the same guy a lot of Scratch work came from.


Python Humble Bundle (No Starch Press) Valid until May 22

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