(Term 2) Sunny 16 Rule

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April 12, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Every wonder if there is a method to using the settings in Manual Mode? Or if it’s just wild, random mixture of numbers?

Well, there is a rule – the Sunny 16.

The Sunny 16 is based on the optimal lighting environment – outdoors and fully in the sun.

The method here is to set you camera to F/16 and the ISO and Shutter Speed to the inverse of each other (ex. ISO 100 = Shutter Speed 1/100). This method is based on years of practice and number crunching.

But why is it important?
Before digital cameras, photographers would have cheat sheets or notebooks about settings in different environments. This was helpful in limiting the amount of test/wasted photos and film.

Today digital cameras allow us to see and delete photos quickly. And also use presets (Auto) for the camera settings. Sometimes, though, these settings don’t match up to what we are seeing – the processors in the camera are making decisions based on numbers they receive from sensors and even if there math adds up, the actual photo may not.

The Assignment

Using the Sunny 16 Rule, take 4 pairs of photos to see if the camera does a better job sensing the environment.
Full details here: 6aSunny16

Note: Make sure to match you Manual Settings to the lighting environment outside (see guide at the top of the post)

The Self-Assessment: 6bCriteriaSunny16

Due April 19

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