Scratch: Brick Breaker

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April 3, 2023 by mrgoldsack

In 1999, Brick Breaker was included in the Operating System of the Blackberry Smartphone. It quickly became one of the most popular handheld games of its time. However, Brick Breaker was not a new game – it borrowed A LOT from a game developed in the early 1970s named Breakout!

Check out the games made in class: Brick Breaker Releases

The Assignments

Part 1: Plan and Research
Check out the full details here: BricksPart1
Gameplay Video
 or  Play Game Online
Due April 5

Part 2: The Build
Check out the full details here: BrickBreakerBrief
Due April 13


Bricks – Base Build by Mr. G 

How To Make Brick Breaker (Guide)

Make Brick Breaker in Scratch (Guide)

Brick Breaker Build (Guide)

Brick Breakers in Scratch

Brick Breaker Building (Video)

Making Brick Breaker (Video)

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