Scratch Work: Frogger

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March 2, 2023 by mrgoldsack

With over 20 Million copies sold, Frogger is one of the earliest Action/Adventure games to make the transition from Arcade to Home Console.

Developed by Konami and distributed by Sega in 1981, the goal of Frogger is to guide frogs   across a series of obstacles to a safe area.

Gerald Lawson & The Game Cartridge

The late 1970s and early 1980s was boom period for Arcade Games and Home Consoles – but one area that often gets overlooked is the development of Game Cartridge technology.

Today, we can download games onto devices but for over 40 years, physical copies of games were the standard. From floppy disks, to pinboards, to CDs, and Blu-Rays, game cartridges were the most common way to play different games on a specific console.

Gerald Lawson is the creator of video game cartridges. He developed this technology in 1976 while working at Fairchild Semiconductor. His ideas and work were quickly overshadowed by the explosion of Atari, but his influence and legacy within the game and STEM industry still continue to this day.

Meet Gerald Lawson: The Creator of the Video Game Cartridge

How Gerald Lawson Revolutionized the Game Industry

The History of the Video Game Cartridge

Gerald Lawson Changed the Game (Video)

Behind the Doodle: Gerald Lawson (Video)

Google Doodle Archive: Gerald Lawson Game Builder

PART 1: Notes & Plans

Take a moment to watch the gameplay of Frogger. Or play the game.

Next, take notes or sketch out what you observe or infer about the game.
The goal here is to map out the main ideas and parts of the game BEFORE we build.
You can use what ever application you think is best for this assignment.

Due March 6 – /10 – Assignments

Here are the Listed Notes we did as a class for Pong and Asteroids: PongAsteroidsNotes
Here is an example of Sketched Notes: SketchAsteroids

Part 2: Research & Paraphrase

Check out the brief here: FroggerPart2

Due March 9

Part 3: The Build

Check out the full design brief here: FroggerBrief

Prototype – Due March 29

Final Release – Due April 3


Froggie Base Build with Notes by Mr. Goldsack

Frogger Games on Scratch

How to Make a Frogger Game in Scratch (Article)

Frogger Game Tutorial (Video)

How to Make a Frogger Game (Article)

Classic Arcade Games – Frog Crossy Road (Article)

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