Jump! (or other movements)

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February 20, 2023 by mrgoldsack

In this assignment you will be using your skills and creativity to develop and capture a 4 photo collection. The subject of this collection will be jumping (or some other form of movement, if you wish). In order to capture these movements, Shutter Speed will be the focal point of our camera settings.

Check out the full details on this assignment here: 3bJumpPhotos

Don’t forget to complete and hand in the Self-Assessment: 3cCriteriaJumpMove

Due Feb 24

Tips and Resources

Here are some quick notes about Action Photography: ActionTips
What is Shutter Speed? (Video)

Remember the Exposure Triangle…
Using a quick Shutter Speed means you are limiting the amount of time light has to enter the camera. To balance that time, consider a larger Aperture (smaller F/Stop number) and a higher ISO setting.

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