Scratch Build: Asteroids

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February 13, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Up next – Asteroids

One of the most successful arcade games of the Golden Era, Asteroids was inspired by some of the earliest video games such as SpaceWar! and Space Invaders. It became so popular that it was quickly ported the Atari 2600 console – and became of the defining games of that product.

One of the defining elements of the arcade version was its use of a Vector Screen, which provide clear graphics and precise hit detection and animation.

Today, Asteroids continues to influence video games, specifically Shoot’em Ups, Sci-Fi, and First-Person shooters.

Check out the games made in class: AsteroidsReleased

Console Information

Vectrex – Asteroids was not on this console, but the success of the Vector Screen gameplay influenced Motorola to create this console.

TASK: Create working version of Asteroids using Scratch.

Check out the full details of this assignment here: AsteroidsBrief

Due Dates

Prototype 1 – Feb 17 (Assignments)

Prototype 2 – Feb 22 (Assignments)

Final Release – Feb 24 (Projects)

Our observations from class: Asteroids (Arcade)


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Asteroids Build Along Guide
Asteroids in Scratch v.2
Asteroids Build Screencast

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