The Great F/Stop (Aperture)

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February 6, 2023 by mrgoldsack

Working with a camera is sometimes like a balancing act. We are constantly looking to find the right adjustments within The Exposure Triangle (see above – we will talk more about this soon).


Aperture (F/Stops) settings are one of the main parts of The Exposure Triangle. Basically, it adjusts the amount of light that passes through the camera by changing an opening inside of the lens.

Check out our notes from class about Aperture: ApertureIntro



On our cameras, we can isolate the Aperture setting while taking photos. In this assignment, we will taking photos that focus only on how Aperture affects our images.

Make sure your camera is set to Aperture Priority.

Take a look at the brief here: 1GreatFStop

Due Feb 9 

Photo Pair Example




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