Visual Literacy

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November 14, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Taking photos is only part of the photography process. Another part is observing photography.

We’ve looked at photos and said, “Oh I like that one!” or “Eh, I don’t know. That one seems off.” This is part of the human experience and our development of our personal point of view. As well, the more photos you look at, the more will be probably notice styles you are drawn to or techniques that you dislike.

Now that you have learned and experimented with different styles, rules, and techniques within your photos – it’s time to apply this knowledge to how you observe photos.

In this task you will be looking at 8 different photos and describing what you see, like, dislike, etc. about each image.

Check out the details here: VisualLiteracy1

Here are the photos: VisualLiteracyEx

Keep in mind that there are not right or wrong answers to this – the goal here is to see articulate your observations and ideas about each photo.


Due Nov 22

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