PS: Animal Portraits

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November 6, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Let’s jump in to Photoshop with two feet!

Download the following folder: AnimalPortrailPractice

Follow along in class with this build. If you get stuck or want reminders, here’s a guide to help: Guide_AP

Check out these examples (LithPrintExamples) of what Lith Print Photography can look like.

The Assignment

You will need to follow this process to create 3 Animal Portraits using the Lith Print Method.

Check out the full details here: PS_APcriteria

Due Nov 16

Check out some of the ideas that you came up with: AP_StudentWork

Remember to use high-quality images for these builds – low quality images will be very noticeable in the final product. is a great resource for high-quality images.

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