Spacing – The Art of Composition

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November 4, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Have you looked at a scene or taken photos and thought, “How can I fill the frame?”

This is you being aware of the composition of a photo – composition is a fancy work for how how everything goes together. The glue of photography composition is SPACING.

Spacing isn’t a rule – more so, it’s an idea.
There are different ways space can take shape in a scene or a view. Take a look at what this means…BalanceSpace

The Assignment

Thinking about SPACING, and how you can use with the of the Rules we have covered, plan and take 6 distinct photos. Check out the full details here: 8aCompositionAssignment

You can use both DSLR and your phone’s camera.

Don’t forget to complete the Self-Assessment: 8bCriteriaCompositionAssignment

Due Nov 17

Need some ideas? Inspiration? Check this out: ExamplesSpace


The Rule of Space (Article)

The Rule of Space in Photography: Guide & Examples (Article)

Photography Composition: Rule of Space (Video)

Negative Space (Video)

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