Leading Lines

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November 1, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Leading Lines are a great tool for incorporating multiple rules into your photography. The idea of leading lines is create an entry point for your audience and purposefully guide them to an other part of the the photo. The guide (or path) is usually created with physical elements or negative space.

Leading lines is effective when combined with Viewpoint changes and Rule of Thirds. Even using pops of colour in a leading lines photo can add dramatic effect.

Take a closer look at the details of leading lines in photography: LeadingLinesNotes

The Assignment

Your task is plan and capture 6 photos that utilize leading lines.
The full details can be found here: 6aLineItUp

Don’t forget to complete and include the Self-Assessment: 6bCriteriaLineItUp

Due Nov 7


Leading Lines in Photography

Photography Composition: Leading Lines

Photo Composition Tips – Leading Lines (includes video)

Better Composition: Leading Lines (Video)

How to Compose a Shot: Leading Lines (Video)

How to Use Leading Lines: Tips (Video)

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