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October 27, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Colour is great way to add depth and intrigue into your photos – yes, colour are all around us, but sometimes pairings or certain combinations can add just a bit of POP! to an image.

Colours are often used a ‘complementary rule’ – basically, they are used with other rules (Viewpoints, Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, etc.) as enhancement.
As well, Colour Theory has a set of markers that can help artists with pairing and creating harmony.

Check out our notes on Colour Theory here: ColoursIntro

The Assignment

Your next task is design and capture 4 photos that utilize various colour pairings. Remember that colour is often used with other rules, so keep that in mind as you plan your pictures.

Check out the full details here: 3aColourAssignment

Make sure to complete and hand in the Self-Assessment, too: 3bCriteriaColourAssignment

Due Nov 2

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