Symmetry (Mirroring)

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October 24, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Seeing Double? Deja Vu?

Symmetry is another great way to capture and add interest in your photography. Symmetry can occur naturally (plants/organics) or can be human-made (architecture).

Take a close look at what symmetry is and how it can maximized in your photo work: SymmetryNotes

The Assignment (Mirroring with Photoshop)

In this task, you will need to scout and photograph 3 scenes or subjects that would make for great symmetry and edit them in Photoshop. The subject and style are up to you.

Check out the full brief and instructions here: 4aMirroringAssignment

Don’t forget to complete and hand in the Self-Assessment: 4bCriteriaMirroring

Due Oct 28


Looking for ideas? Check out these examples for past students: MirrorExamples

Demo Materials – Please Copy/Download the following…


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