Rule of Thirds

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October 17, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Rule of Thirds is one of the most powerful composition rules. The main goal of this styling is to grab the attention of the audience in one section of an image and guide them to other parts of the photo.

The reason why this rule is so powerful in generating interest is because of how are eyes are positioned. Human eyes are sit in the front of our heads – this often referred to as ‘predator eyes’, meaning we are always focused on what is exactly in front of us.
This is also why photos where the main subject is in the centre of the image (outside of portraits) are often boing.
By focusing the viewers attention to a corner/portion (third), they will naturally look elsewhere in the focus to survey the entire scene.

For more information about Rule of Thirds, check these notes: Rule3s

The Assignment

Check out the full task brief here: 1aRuleOfThirds
You can display your photos in either Photoshop or PowerPoint.

Please complete and hand in the Self-Assessment: 1bCriteriaRuleOfThirds

Due Oct 24


Rule of Thirds: Essential Guide (Article)

How to Use Rule of Thirds (Article)

What is Rule of Thirds? (Video – 4min)

Understanding the Rule of Thirds (Video – 5mins)

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