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October 3, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Manual Mode can seem like a bit of a ‘Guess & Test’ process; however, over time, photographers have developed a method (or rule) to help narrow down settings.

The Sunny16 Rule is one of the most tried and true rules for Manual Mode settings. On a clear sunny day, set your F/Stop to F/16 and inverse your ISO and Shutter Speed. 

But why do we need this? Don’t our cameras have Auto Settings? 

This is true. But as we’ve seen so far, digital cameras lack the fine adjustment skills like our eyes have. This is where something like the Sunny16 comes in handy.

In this task you will take comparative photos using the Sunny 16 Rule and an Auto setting on your camera. Make sure to record what your settings are for each photo.

The goal here is to see if the rule holds true or if your camera can compete with our eyes.

Check out the full assignment brief here: 6aSunny16
Paper copies are available to write down your settings. 

Make sure to complete and hand in the Self-Assessment: 6bCriteriaSunny16

Due Oct 6


Sunny16 Rule of Photography (Video)
Sunny16 Rule: Photo Tutorials (Video)
Tips to Master Sunny16 (Video)
Sunny16 Photography Settings (Video)

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