White Balance

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September 26, 2022 by mrgoldsack


Ever notice a weird colours in a photo? Or when you take a photo, the colour in the image doesn’t match what you see? White Balance is the culprit.

White Balance is a setting on your camera that compensates for the type of light in your environment. Here are slides from class explaining White Balance and types of light we encounter: WhiteBalanceNotes

The Assignment

In this task, you will be experimenting with the White Balance setting on your camera.
All your photos must taken in Manual Mode and have proper exposure.

Full task brief here: 9aWhiteBalance

Self-Assessment (Complete and Hand-In): 9bCriteriaWB

Due Sept 29


What is White Balance in Photography? (Article)

White Balance Made Easy (Video – 4min)

Understanding White Balance (Video – 8min)

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