Excel Intro – Let’s Go!

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September 22, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Excel – the mysterious, green icon in the Office Suite. Depending on who you talk to Excel can either be OK or terrifying…in reality, it’s just like any other piece of software, you just have to know what you’re doing with it.

Excel is program that allows users to collect, distribute, organize, calculate, and display data (and that just the tip of the iceberg). Excel, and similar programs, are some of the first applications built for home and business computers.

In this post we will be getting used to the interface and basic tools of Excel. Don’t worry if something don’t stick during this first session – just like anything, the more practice you get, the more familiar (and easier) things will get.

The Demo Material

Use the following sets of data for this demo: DemoNotes

We will be covering a couple of different tools and topics with this data, so make sure to save your file.

Math Items…

First Trusted Bank


Formulas and functions can be used to code games in Excel…take a look!

One of the earliest (and most popular) games built within Excel is Tetris – Tetris

To run this program in Excel, download the file in link above.
Next, open the file and ‘Allow Macros’ in the pop-up.
Now go to Tools -> Macro… -> Macros -> Run
Follow the instructions for game as it appears…my high score is 47 lines.

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