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September 21, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Shutter Speed allows us to capture motion in our images. One of the more popular artistic variations of Shutter Speed adjustment is the Jump Photo. Phillipe Halsman (1959) was one of the first notable artists to use this subject matter as a focal point.

Utilizing a fast Shutter Speed can allow photographers to freeze subjects and moments.

In this assignment, you will develop and capture a 4 photo series that focuses on ‘freezing the moment’.

Check out the full task brief here: 3abJumpPhotos

Please complete and submit the Self-Assessment: 3cCriteriaJumpMove

Due Sept 28


Yowayowa Photo Diary

Gravity – The Joy of the Jump

25 Awesome Jump Photos

Easy Ways to Shoot Jump Photos

Shutter Speed for Moving Photography (Video)

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