Shutter Speed (Manual Mode)

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September 19, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Shutter Speed is the third side of Exposure Triangle. Shutter Speed determine the speed in which the shutter (small door) inside the camera opens and closes to allow light to touch the sensor or film in a camera. It’s very similar to how we can blink with our eyes.

Shutter Speed not only affects the exposure of an image, but it can be used capture movements.

For this assignment, you will be taking photos to capture movement, and also show off your aperture skills using Manual Mode. Check out the full brief here: 2aShutterSpeed_Aperture

Please complete and hand in the Self-Assessment: 2bCriteriaShutterApe

Due Sept 22


Here’s the slide from class: ActionTips

What is Shutter Speed? (Video – 11min)

Shutter Speed Explained (Video – 3min)

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