The Great F/Stop

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September 9, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Aperture is one of the foundations of proper exposure for manual camera settings. Measured in a unit called F/Stops, aperture adjusts how much light enters into the camera – this is exactly how your pupil works in your eye!

For this assignment you will be taking a series of paired photos, only making adjustments to the aperture setting. Your pairs of photos need to be taken in the same position (no zooming)

Need some more examples? Aperture_Quick

The goals for this are to 1) get you familiar with using a DSLR 2) notice how an image changes based on the aperture size.

Find the full task brief here: 1GreatFStop

Due Sept 14

Pro Tips

Give yourself 20mins to return to class and upload your photos. This will also allow you a chance to backup your images on to OneDrive.

Create separate folders for each assignment. This will help you access B-Side images for future tasks.

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