ID: Layouts (2 Parts)

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May 12, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Ever wonder how book or magazine designs and lays out its pages, content, and pictures?

One of the most common builds with InDesign is a book/magazine layout – this is a lot like digital scrapbooking!

Layout consist of a few basic parts – titles, pictures, body text, and design(visual) features/elements.

These parts are arranged, stylized, and filled to match content or the designer’s preferences.

Part 1 – One Page Template

Before we jump into a full build, let’s take a moment to get familiar with InDesign. One of the best ways to do this is to create a template – this is basically a placeholder that be filled with specific content at a later date.

Pro-Tip: Have a general idea of what you are creating BEFORE you build.
Creating a quick checklist or storyboard of what you want/need to include can be helpful when working with InDesign.

Take a look at the task brief here: PracticeTemplateBrief

Here’s a the process I followed for the in-class demo: TemplateBuildGuide

Need some reminders? Take a look at this walkthrough: quickguideindesignlayout

Due May 19

Part 2 – Two Page Layout with Content

For this part you will be planning, designing, and building a two-page layout.
This is a not a template – you will need to decide on the content of this layout is.

Possible Ideas for Content:
Music or Music Artist
Celebrity Spotlight
Sport or Athlete
Video Game

You can read the full brief here: LayoutBuildBrief

Looking for ideas? Check out this cross-section of two-page layouts: 2-Pages

Due May 26

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