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May 12, 2022 by mrgoldsack

For our final unit, we will be looking at and working with Adobe InDesign.

InDesign is a powerful and versatile application that is used for final product builds and media displays. Learning this application can be tricky, but patience (and more patience) will be your best friend during this process.

One of the biggest keys to InDesign is keeping in mind that it is a finishing tool – you need to think ‘big picture’ of how a document will be organized and displayed. From this point, a lot of what we have covered in other applications and design theory can be applied.


InDesign is not a native Adobe product.

Yes, it has the name and is produced by the same company, but the original program was something else – this is why InDesign can be tricky to navigate at first.

Here’s a look at some history and context of InDesign: InDesign


Just like other Adobe products, InDesign has A LOT of helpful resources and ideas created by the design community. This section will feature some useful resources that may be helpful for you.

This space will be updated regularly…

Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Beginner Tips

Beginner Basics in 9 Minutes

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