PS: Colour Isolation

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May 10, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Photo by Nicholas Goodden

Colour Isolation is vibrant way to edit your photography. Focusing on the rule of Colour, this method can also incorporate other techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Spacing, Viewpoints, and so on.

Using Photoshop to replicate this style is relative easy – in fact, a quick Google search of the topic will provide you with at least half a dozen ways to achieve this look.

In class we will be looking at 2 methods, but here are 2 other methods that work: GuideIsolatingColours

Here are the files that I will practicing with in class: ColourIsoPractice

The Assignment

You will to take and edit 3 photos. Your final form will be putting your photos into a triptych. Take a look at the full breakdown here: 2aColourIsolation

Don’t forget to complete the Self-Assessment: 2bCriteriaColourIsolation

Due May 13


Looking for some inspiration? ColourIsoEx

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