Symmetry (Mirroring)

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April 6, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Symmetry can be displayed a lot of different ways in photography. Visually, it is a simple idea, but capturing it can take a lot of work and patience. Symmetry can occur organically or artificially – it can even be developed in post-production.

Take a look at our notes about the different type of symmetry: SymmetryNotes

Check out our task for this topic here: 4aMirroringAssignment
Note: This assignment does require post-production work. We will be doing some Photoshop  demos in class around this process.

The Self-Assessment Form: 4bCriteriaMirroring

Due April 12

Unsure what would work? Take a look some past student examples: MirrorExamples

Files for the Photoshop Demo


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