Excel – The Guest List (& Demo File)

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February 16, 2022 by mrgoldsack

Excel is a great tool for organizing, compiling, and storing data.

Data is information – any type of information.

The goal of this unit is get you familiar with Excel, and look (and learn) at some practical ways we can use this application.

The Demo File

At various points we will be doing some demo work in class. This mostly to get you working hands-on with some topics, tools, an ideas in Excel.

Please download as use this file (DemoFile) for any demo work we do in class.

For our first jump into Excel, you will need to organize and compile a couple lists for the upcoming Bob Ducca Appreciation Gala.

The task brief and details can be found here: GuestList_Excel1

/22 – Assignments

Due Feb 18

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