Aperture – The Great F-Stop

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February 2, 2022 by mrgoldsack

The Exposure Triangle (or Triangle of Photography) is an important concept to keep in mind as we learn to use cameras and understand how to take pictures.

The first part of this triangle we are going to look at is Aperture. This aspect controls how much light is let into the camera while taking a picture – similar to how the iris of our eye allows light in.

Here are the notes from today’s class – ApertureIntro

Here’s a quick overview of what the different Aperture settings will do to your pictures:

The Great F-Stop (Assignment)

For our first task, your will be working with the F-Stop (Aperture) settings on your camera as you take a series of photos.

The assignment brief can found here: 1GreatFStop

Due Feb 7

Need an example??

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