Tech Jam 2021

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November 30, 2021 by mrgoldsack

Welcome to Tech Jam 2021

From Dec. 1 to Dec 17 we will be embarking on a class-wide hack-a-thon, where you (or a small team) will be creating some specific programs.

For information, take a look at the following guide: TechJamExplained

Keep an eye on this space for Challenges Drops in the upcoming days…

CHALENGE 1 (Dec. 1 to Dec. 3)

CHALLENGE 2 (Dec. 6 to Dec. 8)

CHALLENGE 3 (Dec. 9 to Dec. 14)



EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – Challenge 1 (Map of Canada) – Learn Colours, Shapes, Letters – Math Wizard – Scratch Typing – Can You Trust Your Eyes? – Tech Jam Project (Canada Questions) – Bunny Math Game – Math Skills – Click the Circles – The Learning Game – Solar System Field Trip – Primate Punch-Out!!

ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMS – Mouse Labyrinth – Zombie Defence – The Unknown Place – Scratch SHMUP – Fun Maze – Bonk – Bedroom Beats – Wizards – Zombie Alley – Old Country for No Man – OSEE – Deadliest Warrior

WINTER THEME PROGRAM – Winter Clicker – Santa’s Reindeer – Gift Packing Simulator – Christmas Game – Santa VS Krampus – Present Catch – Save the Winter! – Santa Weight Loss Journey Remix – Christmas Vacation in Australia

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