Colour Assignment

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October 25, 2021 by mrgoldsack

Colours and Light play a huge factor into our photography. These two composition elements can help set the tone and emotion that viewers get from our pictures. In this assignment, you will be focusing on Colour as the key element of your composition.

But first, a little about Colour…

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you may have seen something like this at some point.

This a Colour Wheel. Simply put, it shows the spectrum of colours our eyes can see and displays the relationship all colours have with each other. These relationships are often referred to as Colour Schemes.

Here are few of the more commonly used colour scheme groups explained:
In photography, we can use Colour Schemes as a way to draw interest into the photos we take. Different colour pairings can catch peoples attention or evoke certain emotions. They can also be used with the composition rules like the Rule of Thirds or Viewpoints.

You read through the full assignment brief here: 3aColourAssignment
Don’t forget to fill out the Self-Assessment form, too: 3bCriteriaColourAssignment

Due Nov 1


Additional Resources:
Introduction to Colour Theory for Photographers
How Colour Impacts Photographs
Guide to Using Colours in Photography
Light and Colour

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