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October 11, 2021 by mrgoldsack

For our Python Unit, we will be working through sections (or packages).

All of the sections will be posted in this space.

Within each document there will be a collection of related topics, program samples, practice work criteria, and video resources. Your task is to read and review the document(s), and work along side them. This will require a combination of Text documents (for notes) and .py files for sample practice and working projects. You will need to hand in these items to get credit for each section.

I would recommend making a folder for each section, and placing your related files in there. This will not only help with organizing for handing in, but will help you to keep track of topics when need to review them.


/25 – Assignments
Due Oct 14

/25 – Assignments
Due Oct 18

This Section is from ‘The Big Book of Small Python Projects’. It uses some of the concepts we have looked at so far. Complete the program and answer the questions at the end of the document. 
/20 – Projects
Due Oct 21

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