White Balance

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October 8, 2021 by mrgoldsack

Here the photo task for this lesson: 9aWhiteBalance
Here is the Self-Assessment form of this task: 9bCriteriaWB
Due Oct 13

You may have come across the White Balance (WB) setting on your camera at some point this unit – but what exactly does it do?


White Balance is one of those settings that can be a bit abstract to new photographers, and even confusing to some more experienced. Essentially, White Balance is way that digital cameras can effect your image based on the type of light source you are in.

Ever light source you encounter is different. From candle light, to fluorescent lights, to sunlight, and everything in between, light casts different hues and tones of colour.

Different colours within light are revered to as Temperatures. Have you ever noticed that when you are outside on a cloudy day everything seems a bit more blue? Or when during a sunrise or sunset everything has a more yellow or orange tone? Well that’s the effect of temperature of light. Light temperatures are measured in a unit called Kelvins.


One of the goals of photography is to capture the a moment exactly how we see it – this includes the lighting that we observer with our eyes. Using different White Balance settings in our photography to can help enhance the lighting of our scene or help to make a ‘true to life’ image. As well, we can use White Balance to add creative casts on images by adding extra or alternate temperatures to an image.

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