Shutter Speed & ISO

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September 14, 2021 by mrgoldsack

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore how Aperture can affect your photos, it’s time to examine the other two elements in the Photography Triangle, Shutter Speed and ISO.

Each of these three parts work together to help photographer’s better utilize their camera and achieve the photos they seek.

Check some key notes about the Photography Triangle here: Triangle

As well, here is a video that explains how these three work and how you can use them with in your own photography.

Shutter Speed & Aperture Practice

Now that you have a working knowledge of how Shutter Speed and ISO can affect your images, it’s time to get out and practice.

Take a look at the following brief – 2aShutterSpeed_Aperture

Once completed, please make sure to complete the following self-assessment: 2bCriteriaShutterApe


Remember, if you have any questions about this task or how to navigate your camera, feel free to ask!

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