PS4: Liquify

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March 9, 2020 by mrgoldsack

The Liquify Tool is an often over-looked feature for Photoshop beginners. With its ability to shape, alter, pinch, swirl, and enlarge, it is actually quite commonly used with photos you see in magazines and online.
For this task, you will need to take a photo; celebrity, self-portrait, friend – only if you get permission, and use the liquify tool to alter the image into something over the top.
You can also use some of the other skills you have gained so far, to add some extras on to your creation. We will be using these photos for a future InDesign assignment. Feel free to make a few different files and see which one you like before handing it in.
Need some ideas? Check this out: LiquidExamples
/6 – Assignments
Due After Spring Break


Check out these links for some tips and reminders about the Liquify Tool:

10 Tips and Tricks for the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

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