Codecademy Work – Evidence

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February 26, 2020 by mrgoldsack

Our next unit (using Codecademy to learn HTML/CSS) will finish up by April 17.
During this time, you are required to collect and gather evidence of your work. 
One of the most straight forward ways is to take screenshots (Shift + Command + 4). You can screenshots of your actual work space in Codecademy or your Syllabus page – this will will show all the mini-sections and percentage of your progress.
Another, and even more important format for evidence, is taking notes. This can be done by copy/paste your samples of code you are working work in key sections. Notes while coding is a great way not only remember ideas, but an even better way to organize for when you need to quickly check something.
You will be making your own framework/website/landing page after the Codecademy work.
Each week of our Codecademy unit, you are required to hand in your evidence. This will be done by the end of your last class that week (Thursday or Friday). The scoring for this will be out 8 – 2 marks for handing on time (Journals) and 6 marks for progress (assignments).
In the meantime, check out some of these sites that are made using HTML/CSS:

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