Python Incubator – Overview

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January 6, 2020 by mrgoldsack

The full brief can be found here: Python_Incubator
Link to Stream 1:
Link to Stream 2:
Each week you will be required to hand in progress of your work in with Python. This can be through screenshots (Shift + Command + 3), sample codes, notes, and/or work that you have built in during that time. There will also be short answer questions that you will need to complete, as part of these reports.
Weekly progress reports will be out of 6 marks, and will be posted separately.
Additionally, there will be resources, mini-project ideas, etc. that will become available to you throughout this time.
Remember this unit is meant as an extension of what you have already learned in the Python Basics Sections. Some of the material may seem repetitive, but with coding the more practice you have, the more will stick your brain.

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